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When it comes to picking up a high-growth industry for investment, technology sector sits on the top. The recent advancements have revolutionised the whole technology industry, bringing the disruptive global changes never before seen in human history.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Omnidata Intelligence, Financial Technology like ‘buy now pay later’ are some of the revolutionary technologies that ASX-listed players like Fatfish Blockchain Limited (ASX: FFG), Brainchip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN), Skyfii Ltd (ASX: SKF) and Afterpay Touch Group Limited (ASX: APT) are involved in.

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Key Highlights

Unique Product Offering/ Competitive Edge

Investors need to do a thorough due diligence to explore the technology space and find the company that stands out for its unique product offering and potential for value accretion. Sometimes,... competitive edge becomes a key aspect to be understood.

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Growth Potential

Investment in technology stocks is broadly driven by growth-driven investment style rather than conventional dividend or value-driven strategy per se in stand-alone fashion. The investors, therefore, need to track company’s historical... performance (fundamentals) as well as analyse future growth prospects within the pool of a large number of tech players operating in the space.

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Valuation Model

It is important to make sure that the investment decision is based upon apple to apple comparison. This brings the valuation model into the picture! The key financial metrics, method of calculation, and other comparative analysis... aspects should be taken into consideration. Sometimes, stability and/or outlook in terms of top line or margins plays a role when not much information is available.

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Market Reach

No matter how unique the product or the technology is, the company may have a bleak growth prospect unless adequate sales channels and networking are in place. The geographical reach and market response thus, should be... closely evaluated by the investors before getting into the space.

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Some Technology Stocks to consider

Afterpay Touch Group Limited
Adacel Technologies Limited
Dotz Nano Limited
ClearVue Technologies Limited

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